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About us

TheDashCamera is a Canadian company established in 2014. We started out as victims of vehicle accidents looking for ways to get proof of what exactly happened during the crash. We searched and tested products that could give us insurance and peace of mind while we're on the road. Our cameras will record every details of what’s happening when you are driving or while your vehicle is parked. We all know things sometimes happen and when they do, our cameras will stand by your side to help you fight against insurance fraud or vandalism. You never know, sometimes your recordings might help others too.

TheDashCamera aims to provide our customers the best service and reliable dash cameras at an affordable price. So rest assured help is here when you need it. We will watch your back! Well, your front as well.

Our promises to customers:

  • We’ll answer all your inquires within the same business day.
  • We only promote products from genuine manufacturers.
  • We’ll honor all genuine products warranty within the warranty period.